New Covenant Living

My family and fellow ministers have asked me to write down the vision that God has given me for our mission conferences at the church which I pastor, New Covenant Living Church in Jackson, Michigan, and others around the world. I do not think of myself as one that has the full  picture but that which I do have I gladly share with you in hopes that you may start at a place it has taken me 20 years to grow into. It is with special thanks to my wife and family who have put up with all of my traveling to obtain the knowledge with which to start a missions conference. To begin with, thank you to Kenneth Copeland for his uncompromising word of faith that challenged me to believe God. Also for Kenneth E. Hagin for his book, God's Medicine, that in 1978 opened my eyes to healing and faith to pray for Terra to be raised from death, and who later Prophesied a word  

The Vision for the Royal Ambassadors

We would like to explain to you how our Mission Support Program works here at New Covenant Living. Our program is called "CENTURION 100." 

It's our desire to have 100 people pledging to Missions on a monthly basis for a one year commitment. The pledges range from $10.00 to $100.00 or more a month. The pledges are distributed across the street and around the world as God leads for a one year commitment.

The first pledge would be received in January and the last in December. if you would like to be one of the CENTURION 100, please fill out the pledge slip (over) and turn it into the offering of church office.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please keep us in your prayers as we continue praying for you.

Centurion 100 Mission Support Program